Punica granatum

Telya (Bacterial Blight) –  Dreaded spot on Pomegranate farms !!

Dr. Richa Nair

Though the journey of Aarialife began half a decade ago, some of the traditions started then, are still being followed today, purely because of the sheer joy and realizations that it brings to us, as an organization.

‘Direct Dialogue’ is one such event which is a regular feature happening at Aarialife, where out team visits and directly interacts with the end user- our farmer in our case and get the feel of the product performance at ground zero !

This month’s visit was in the interiors of Satara and Sangli districts, located in the southern parts of Maharashtra and known for their evergreen sugarcane zone all over.

The clout of sugarcane over other crops in these districts was amply displayed by the over stacked bullock carts all along the way, pulling away the sugarcane to the sugar factories.

Our destination was Nerle village,. A quite village, located in kadegaon Taluka , Sangli. As we drove through the village, sugarcane stood tall on most of the cultivable land and vegetables contributing to a small percentage. It seemed to be an obvious choice, due to no water shortage in the area, which was taken care of by the Nerle dam close by. Well but our farmer guided us way beyond these fields, onto a  4 acre spot which stood at slightly higher level and with a totally different crop – The pomegranate.

Reviewing the farm with the team..

Reviewing the farm with the team..

It was amazing to see a fruit crop, across a couple of acres, standing tall, seemed well nursed and ready to be harvested. Our farmer – Shri Bapurao Patil was the only farmer in his village who had chosen Pomogranate in that area. He was into grapes, many years ago, but as the crop did not yield much, had to go back to the traditional choice of sugarcane.  But a part of being a fruit farmer always remained and he again tried his hand on fruit, this time pomegranate. But nature had its say, and he lost out on 80% of the crop due to hailstorms and a severe pest attack of bacterial blight (Telya). Though outmost care and heavy spraying of pesticides, somehow the crop could not be revived, probably because the immunity of pests had risen and the immunity of the plant had lowered over the years. This year though, was different.  He had a bumper crop, ready to be harvested and promising him a decent return. Quiz him on what he did different, and he replies with a smile – “ nothing much, just dealt with nature in a more natural way .. Relied more on the organic inputs and reduced the chemical inputs considerably. It was gratifying to see a product like BaciPro, helping the farmer deal with a long standing pest like Telya in a very emphatic way. Though he had used other products like soil conditioners like HumiPro and flowering boosters like ProVigor, it was BaciPro that was the most talked about on that farm. Also implemented the preventive measures like the sticky boards and pheromone traps, well in advance. He seemed to be a satisfied man today with yield of 9.5 Tons per acre. As a part of Aarialife it was just so gratifying to  have been with the farmer on his journey and to see him triumph over hurdles he has faced in his earlier attempts.


Walking back with Bapurao Patil with some fresh pomegranates !


Snapshot of Aarialife products used on farm:


Crop Products Benefits
Pomegranate ProMessis – Soil MicrobesHumiPro – Soil ConditionersProVigor – Flowering boostersBaciPro – Microbial immunity booster Improves Soil quality & pHAugments soil organic matterImproves flowering and fruitingFights bacterial pests & flying pests


Punica granatum

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